Hello word!

I wished a pretty blog is just a click away!  Before I find time to figure how to make this little web-space prettier, I just need to jot down some thoughts I’ve gathered for my wedding: –

1) Photo booth – instant photography?

2) Outdoor favors – umbrellas, paper-fan, slippers, ponchos

3) Pink&Blue

4) Lavender, Polo Sweets

5) Colored shoes to match theme, white gown/ dress

6) Groom’s/ bestmen’s tie & bridesmaids’ dresses to match theme color

7) Balloons to match theme

Websites visited today, worth visiting: –

Logistics for Outdoor Wedding





Wedding Planners




If the above aren’t obvious enough, this blog is created to remember the processes of our wedding plans – from a ‘skeleton’ of ideas to the final-day product.  Since Boyfriend is always busy at work (with many wedding-related websites blocked for viewing at his workplace), this blog will enable Boyfriend to stay updated on my findings and ideas – all for our BIG day!  =D

Stay tuned!

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